Financial Strength

Building strong financial partnerships.

Developing, constructing and maintaining your project gives rise to a broad spectrum of risks. Our financial strength, experience and profitable history allow us to evaluate, take on, share and manage risks on behalf of our clients.

Our long track record of profitability and strong balance sheet provide Graham with the financial strength that enables us to be your true construction solutions partner.

Graham’s financial strength provides many benefits:

  • High bonding capacity is effectively unlimited within the Graham marketplace and sufficient for any project, strengthens your confidence in successful project delivery.
  • Rating strength provides comfort to the financial backers of projects that have issued project financing rated amongst the strongest in North America.
  • Supports our integrated capabilities, network of locations and an impressive and considerable equipment fleet. This is a major strategic advantage that ensures a high level of execution performance.
  • Allows for investing in systems, processes, people, equipment and specialized capabilities to meet the needs of complex and multi-discipline projects.
  • Strengthens the confidence of our employees, while helping to attract and retain the best expertise and talent.