Public/Private Partnership

Maximizing certainty, minimizing risk.

The Public-Private Partnership (P3) delivery method maximizes certainty and minimizes risks for the client throughout the project’s life-cycle. Costs, quality and scheduling can be guaranteed, beginning at the planning stage and extending throughout the operating life.

Becoming a P3 partner with Graham means gaining a risk manager for the entire life-cycle of the project, including project financing.

P3s are typically large, long-term projects, usually in the areas of social and horizontal infrastructure: light rail transit, freeway systems, educational facilities, hospitals, justice, water and wastewater treatment plants. Graham’s extensive experience participating in and leading large, complex and successful P3 projects is due to:

  • A finance group with resources to be project concessionaire.
  • The ability to manage risk throughout the project life-cycle.
  • Offering cost certainty through all phases.
  • Financial strength with the willingness to be an asset owner, and our long-term commitment.
  • The right combination of people, processes, systems and technology to work productively with partners.